client referral program

Every image I create is so personal to me and there is a lot of love and care that goes into every one so I absolutely love hearing when my clients tell me just how much they love their images! What's even better is when they tell their friends and family just how happy they were; I think that's the best compliment a photographer can get!

To show my appreciation to all of my wonderful clients (I swear I have the BEST ones) and to all the people who support my business, i've decided to start a new Client Referral Program!

Whether you're an existing client or love my work but haven't had a chance to book in your own session yet, when you refer a NEW client to me and they book (and complete) a full session (not a mini session), you will receive a $20 referral credit towards your next full priced session with me. 


- Referral credit can only be used towards future sessions (not already booked) and can only be used by you, it is not transferable.
- You will receive your referral credit after the referred persons' session is fully completed (paid in full and session photographed).
- Your referral will need to let us know at the time of booking that you referred them (your full name). If you have already had a session with me then i'll have your details already however if you're a loyal supporter yet to have a session, just make sure your referral provides me with your full name and email address so that I can track the referral to you!
- If two clients/followers refer one person then the first name given will receive the referral credit. 
- Referral credits can be saved up and used in any amount up to $100 (So you can earn $100 off your next session!)
- Referral credits will expire after 12 months. 
- The person who you refer will also receive 2 free digital images with their session. 
- Referral credit or free images are not valid with any other offer.
- To be fair towards everyone, referral credits can be used towards NEW clients that enquire with me as of todays date, 12th August, 2018. 


It’s simple! 
If you have had a positive experience with Amanda Michelle Photography, just tell your friends about it! You know how hard it is to find a service that you can trust.. word of mouth from a trusted friend makes the process a whole lot easier! Share your images with your friends! And here’s an easy one, SHARE (not just like) my Amanda Michelle Photography Facebook posts on your wall, so that friends of yours can see them. Remember, new clients just have to tell me who referred them or where they heard about me.. If they saw it on your facebook page then you could be rewarded (if they go ahead with booking), simply just for sharing! 

Thank you again to all of my clients and future clients for all of your support!