Thank you for choosing me to capture some beautiful images for you and your loved ones. I had so much fun photographing your portrait session and I can’t wait to see you again at your viewing appointment.

In the lead up to your viewing appointment, take some time to think about the style of your home and where you might like to display your portraits. In a few years’ time, USB’s will eventually become obsolete and unfortunately, we can’t rely on technology to preserve our memories, so it’s important to have them printed in high quality, tangible form to ensure they stand the test of time.

Would you like to line your walls with a cluster of canvases or wood prints? Or does a large statement piece make your heart skip a beat? Maybe an heirloom album is more your style?

If there is a particular wall in your home where you would love to display some wall art, please feel free to take a picture of the space and bring it along with you – choosing between a cluster or statement piece, different sizing and filling a space correctly can be difficult, so I would love to help guide you.

If you have any family members’ birthdays coming up or special events (ie Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Christmas, Valentines Day), please think through any gifts that you might like for them.

When you come in for your viewing appointment, we’ll start by watching a beautiful slideshow of your images; this will allow you to see the full story of your session. You will then be able to view your images individually and choose your favourites according to your chosen digital collection. You can also choose to purchase additional digital images at this time as well.

Once your digital images have been selected, you’ll then be able to have a look through the tangible printed pieces that are available. This includes: Canvases, Wood Prints, Albums, Acrylic Tiles and the gorgeous Portrait Suite. Take the time to touch these pieces, flip through the album pages and feel the amazing quality and finishes. All of our printed pieces are sourced from high end, professional printing labs throughout the country to ensure you receive the best quality. They supersede any consumer lab in colour, quality and durability. Other printed pieces are available for ordering at your request.

There will also be some nibbles and refreshments available for you on the day, so please enjoy them!

When your artwork pieces arrive in the studio, we’ll arrange a time for you to come back in and pick them up. I’ll have them presented for you to view when you arrive (because it’s amazing seeing just how much my families love them) and will then package them up for you to take home.

Please read through the following frequently asked questions and fill out the form below to ensure you are well prepared for your viewing appointment.


Who should come to the viewing appointment?
Your viewing appointment is a complimentary appointment to view and choose your images, and purchase any additional printed pieces that you may like. It’s important to make sure that all decision makers are present at this appointment, this ensures that you are both happy with your final selections. Due to the digital nature of your images and custom artwork pieces that may be ordered, no digital image is able to be changed after your viewing appointment and all sales are final. If only one person is able to make it to the viewing appointment, please make sure that you have discussed in advance anything of importance, ie favourite poses, budget, etc.

Do our images need to be chosen at the viewing appointment?
Yes. I understand that choosing your images can feel like a daunting process however I’m here to help with guiding you every step of the way.

Can I purchase additional digital images at a later date?
No. After your viewing appointment, any image that is left unchosen will be deleted from my hard drive and will be unavailable for purchase at a later date.

Will we receive an online gallery to view our images?
After you have chosen your final images at your viewing appointment and your digital collection has been paid in full, you will receive a link to an online gallery where you are able to download your chosen images. The online gallery is only available as a method of retrieving your images.

How long will the viewing appointment last?
In some cases, viewing appointments may be scheduled consecutively throughout the day, however please allow approximately 60 – 90 minutes for your appointment. This allows us time to select your images and design any wall art or albums for you.

Can we bring the kids along to the viewing appointment?
Due to the cosy size of the studio, it is recommend to have a family member or friend watch the children at home. This also allows you the chance to sit and relax in a calming environment, enjoy some nibbles and view your images without any stress. I understand that it can be hard to leave newborns at home, so you are more than welcome to bring them in with you – I’m happy to give your arms a break and have a little cuddle with them while you choose your images as well!

How much do families and couples typically invest in their portrait experience?
Including digital images, families and couples typically invest between $1100 - $2500. These figures are dependant on the chosen artwork pieces.

Are there payment plans available?
Absolutely! Your images and artwork are definitely a worthwhile investment so to make things easier we can set up a payment plan for you with equal, recurring repayments. Payment plans are available on the 20 image package, or a minimum spend of $700. You can choose from either 4x fortnightly repayments or 8x weekly repayments. Longer repayment terms are also available when you spend over $1000.00
If you have pre purchased (and paid in full) the 20 image package, payment plans can be utilised for product orders with a minimum spend of $500.
If you chose the payment plan method at your session and would like to add on additional images or artwork at your viewing appointment, we can amend your payment plan for you.

Can I purchase additional print products at a later date?
All choosing and ordering is done at your initial viewing appointment. As mentioned above, any digital image that is left unchosen will be deleted from my hard drive and will be unavailable for purchase at a later date.
Any additional print product orders will require a new viewing appointment and will incur a viewing appointment fee of $150.

What if I need to reschedule our viewing appointment?
Due to the time taken to set up for your appointment, it is greatly appreciated if you could please let me know ASAP if you need to reschedule. Viewing appointments rescheduled within 2 hours of the appointment start time may incur a rescheduling fee of $50.


Individual Digital Images $50.00 each
10 Digital Images $450.00
20 Digital Images $750.00

starting from $250.00
Wood Prints starting from $100.00
Acrylic Tiles starting from $140.00
Albums starting from $500.00
Portrait Suite starting from $600
Loose Prints starting from $20 (min order req)

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